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Approved Books

Literature that is assigned as required reading, read aloud to students in the classroom, or appears on a list from which students choose, must be on the Elementary Approved Book List.
Elementary Book Approval Process
If you would like to use a book that is not on the Elementary Approved Book List, please complete the following process for approval:

  1. Fill out the Elementary Literature Review Committee Form.
    1. Download the form
    2. Fill the form with the requested information about the book
    3. Save the form
  2. Email the completed form to

Your book will be sent to the review committee, where it will be read and considered for approval.  The committee meets four times per year, usually in September, November, February, and April.  Please plan ahead to ensure plenty of time for your book to be read by the committee and go through the review process.  For more information, refer to Jordan District Policy AA424.