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K Literacy Pacing Guide
1-2 Literacy Pacing Guide
3-6 Literacy Pacing Guide
JSD Assessment and Intervention Plan

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Information on the flowchart has been summarized below.
Screeners are typically quick to administer and provide predictive information about academic successes. Screeners are not designed to map out completely what students' specific knowledge and skill deficits might be. Screeners are used to determine which students are performing below grade level or proficiency level.
K-3 Acadience
Diagnostic testing is provided to students identified through the screener in order to better understand the specific knowledge and skills needing reinforcement and provide appropriately targeted interventions.
K-3 Diagnostics given to students scoring well below benchmark (see above chart for options)
4-6 Diagnostics given to students scoring below grade level (see above chart for options)
K-6 Diagnostics
Benchmarks are given to all students periodically throughout the year. Benchmarks are used to measure progress towards the core standards. They can serve as a reference of rigor in formative assessments. Benchmarks, used in conjunction with formative assessments, help drive instruction.
K-2 Benchmarks
3-6 Benchmarks