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Professional Development

Upcoming PD (sign up on JPLS)
Wit & Wisdom Teacher Training 2024
Feb. 2
K and 6th
Feb. 7 2nd and 4th
Feb. 8 1st and 3rd
Feb. 12 K and 5th
Feb. 13 1st and 3rd
Feb. 15 4th and 5th
Feb. 20 2nd and 6th

Apr. 1 K and 6th
Apr. 2 2nd and 4th
Apr. 3 1st and 6th
Apr. 4 3rd and 5th
Apr. 8 1st and 2nd
Apr. 10 3rd and 5th
Apr. 11 K and 4th
Apr. 12 1st-5th

Literacy Promise Conference 2024

Click the flyer for more info.